Decimal operation

13 Sep

Hi mate, I think it is important to include this kinda mathematical operation

a. Substraction and addition
rule just line up decimal point

I know is it really really easy for you all, all you need is more practise
practise makes perfect
more challenge to multification and division. You have to start thinking how to get rid decimal of your mind … ok

so if you have any multification problem with decimal point
35.987 X 0.000056 =
make it into 35987 x 56 = 2015272 … it’s done, now counting the unit after decimal
9 decimal unit right? you got it??????
0.002015272 that’s it

similar to division, forget decimal unit.
concentrate of number, just suppose without decimal such as
9.44 : 2.95
calculate 944:295 = 3.2
since number of unit after decimal for 9.44 and 2.95 is the same then decimal addition is nothing
the answer is 3.2
(1) 9.34567 : 0.005 =
(2) 934567 : 5 = 186913,4
look at the first start to count the unit after decimal is 5 and 3 therefore the result is (5 – 3) = 2
then the result of second eq is add by two decimal point to become 1869,134

however you should be aware if the number of denominator unit after decimal is greater than numerator
such as 3.456 : 0.000007 because 3 – 6 = -3 you should time the product with 1000


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