Algebra operation

29 Sep

KEY 1 . Grouping together all the same things
can you add up this fruit altogether?

would you mind adding up together?
Apples to Apples + Bananas to bananas + mangoes to mangoes
so easy ..isn’t it
(3 bananas + 4 bananas) + (2 mangoes + 3 mangoes) + (3 apples + 7 Apples)
= 7 bananas + 5 mangoes + 10 apples
That is the final answer
How about this…aljebra animal…can you add up these animals?

lets forget fruit and animal

can you add up 20a + 40b + 30c + 60b + 25a = ?

yes yes yes the answer 45a + 100b + 30c
can you do it now?

have a good day


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