Devising decimals with decimals

3 Oct

Dear All my team members
are Still confused about devising decimals with decimal ?
let suppose
0.5 : 0.05
let us make it (0.5 * 100): (0.05 * 100)…multiply both side with 100…you know why?

it become 50 : 5 = 10 much more easier ….isn’t it?

my suggestion…try to work out with additional whole number
you have to multiply the equation with the same ten power multiplication number ( find the highest decimal places between numerator and denominator). Observed the following devising decimals with decimals…both of them with 3 decimal point…we just multiply them with 1000 max out

keep practising by multiply with certain number …again and again
can you do it ?

then you can try this method ….(nake sure you can follow the above method then you can continue to formula below…

1. 0.000000005 : 0.000005
forget about decimal points…the number 5:5 is 1
count how many decimal point for numerator? 9 and denominator is 6 …so what you need is (9 – 6) is 3
the final answer 0.001

2. How about 0.005 : 0.00000005
decimal point for numerator is “3” and the denominator decimal point is “8” so (“3” – “8”) is – 5
thus the final answer is 1 * 10^5 = 100,000

so easy for you….I know that

have a good day


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